Press Release: Cushions from Aroopy due out soon!

Aroopy, the makers of cool ottomans and slipcovers (“pouffles”) is excited to announce the imminent release of their first collection of cushions!! Adored by the young-at-heart , Aroopy is in discussion with for the first release of cushion covers which will feature combinations of their Old World and Upside Down Maps, the ever-popular Union Jack, the Manhattan skyline and the purple Aroopy tartan amongst others. “A friend suggested we go with different designs on the front and back, in the interests of always mixing it up” says Ainslie Yuen (Chief Aroo).  All cushion covers have a Pirate stamp on the back – a testament to the whimsical sense of fun that is the hallmark of Aroopy. They are exhibiting at the exclusive Brooklyn Designs show May 10-12 and also ICFF (May 18-21). Visitors to the Aroopy booth at ICFF (May18-21) might be lucky enough to catch Aroopy’s Pirate onsite – specially flown in from San Diego for the event.

Contact information:

Ainslie Yuen