About Aroopy

Aroopy Inc., is a company based in Los Angeles, California, founded by Ainslie Yuen. Aroopy’s mission is to bring colour and fun to people’s lives. Aroopy has coined the term “Pouffle” – a slipcover for an ottoman/pouf that is snugly fitting, interesting and fun.

"For the last decade I've been hopping around the big cities of the world - studying, working, living, holidaying. I lived in maybe 15 different apartments or rooms in that time, always with minimal belongings. When I finally started buying furniture I was disappointed by what I found and I knew I'd get bored of any design pretty fast. So the Pouffle was born. When you feel like a change - slip on a different design!!"
- Ainslie

Everyone asks what "Aroopy" means - it means the crazy fun that can be had when you take Life less seriously.

Aroopy's products are Made in the USA: the poufs are made in the USA, the pouffles are printed, cut and sewn in the USA.  


For press inquiries, contact:

Dr. Ainslie Yuen


View the collection at www.aroopyinc.com

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