Coloring App Aroopy Color Just Released!

We sent Misha Misha Chief Aroo at Aroopy to Code School and this is what he came back with: Coloring App Aroopy Color
Our coloring app Aroopy Color is free to download and comes with 8 free coloring pages and a beautiful free palette of 21 colors. The coolest feature of our app is that you can change the color of the outlines from black! There is a pink outline that is free to use - you can see the difference in the screenshots below!

Coloring App Pink Outline iPhone6    Isn't this so much better than      ??!

There are in-app purchases to unlock extra coloring pages, palettes and features, including the ability to make the outline color any of the palette colors - but you don’t actually need to buy anything to enjoy coloring on the app :-). We'll be adding more coloring pages and features regularly to keep things interesting!

Aroopy was always about adding color and fun to people’s lives. We’ve just decided to change the delivery mechanism from furniture to a fun digital coloring experience on your phone!! Our images are 1024px by 1024px so you can always print them onto a pillow/totebag/teatowel if you want the Aroopy experience in your home! Just be mindful that the printed colors can vary by provider – so we are planning to print some designs with our palettes with CafePress to make sure they are a good approximation of what we see on our phone.

Side note: the celtic images included in this first release are from the Lindisfarne Gospels – and so are actually some 1300 years old. Thankfully being so old they are in the public domain, but just imagine – the person who created the images was probably a monk with a bad haircut in a scratchy robe, working by the light of a candle! The Lindisfarne Gospels are faded today … we can bring them back to life with beautiful new colors!!