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We reached "Print Coloring Image to Product directly from our app" stage! Hurrah!

Show off your coloring artwork to the world by printing it to a product directly from our app Aroopy. Overlay a custom monogram before printing and you'll have a pretty gift for yourself or a friend. I almost died of cuteness when these new features worked - especially as I was testing with the images below! Unfortunately we just missed the cut-off date for orders to make it into Santa's Sleigh - but these will still make nice digital images to send as greetings, should you be so inclined...

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Coloring App Aroopy Color Just Released!

We sent Misha  to Code School and this is what he came back with: Our coloring app Aroopy Color is free to download and comes with 8 free coloring pages and a beautiful free palette of 21 colors. The coolest feature of our app is that you can change the color of the outlines from black! There is a pink outline that is free to use - you can see the difference in the screenshots below!     Isn't this so much better than      ??! There are in-app purchases to unlock extra coloring pages, palettes and features, including the ability to make the outline color any of the palette colors - but you don’t actually need to buy anything...

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Announcing ... the Idea Gym from Aroopy!

The Idea Gym is a small handmade giftable to help stimulate creative thinking for more happiness. It's totally different from soft furnishings - so it's listed on Etsy - but it's still in line with our mission of adding colour and fun to people's lives. It comes in a variety of bright colours suitable for any place in your home.  Please take a look and if you like it you can Favorite our Etsy shop - so you'll be notified of new products as we add more.

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