0) How do I get the Aroopy Student Discount that I've heard about??

Please email us at students@aroopyinc.com, we will need to verify your current student status before issuing the discount - but HEY, it'll be worth it because then you can have your favourite ottoman at a great price!

1) How do I check the status of my order?

You will automatically get an email after your order is placed. You can always contact us by emailing us at sales@aroopyinc.com with your order number and details and we will send you an update. 

2) What is the pouf for ?

You can use it as an extra seat (it's very comfortably firm), a side table or a footstool.

3) Do you custom print ?

We are working on our collection and would be happy to see whether we can do something for you. Please email us at design@aroopyinc.com with what you have in mind.

4) How do I get the pouffle on the pouf?

The pouffles are a snug fit on the poufs - you need to *line up the side seam* on the pouffle as you are putting it over the pouf! This is especially important with the Oval Pouf as otherwise the pouffle design won't sit properly. The pouffle needs to be a snug fit so that it looks good (and not like generic slipcovers that are so stretchy that they look messy 5minutes after you put them on).

5) How do I get the pouffle off the pouf?

You can get the pouffle off by inching it up the sides gradually - this is required because of the snug fit that makes your pouffle look good on the pouf.

6) Why pouffles?

As furniture pieces, ottomans solve the problem of having an extra seat, footstool or side table close at hand without occupying much room. Most ottomans though, are made in bland colours so as to coordinate with a larger number of living room styles. The more interestingly decorated ottomans are typically very expensive. Our ottoman slipcovers (“Pouffles”) are brightly decorated in unusual eyecatching designs. They are affordable so that customers are not committed to the one look for their room. Our pouffles are changeable and washable and are a snug fit to the ottomans. We are currently working on adding new solid colours and designs to our collection.

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